Discretion, quality, and presence

We believe that human resources make the difference

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We solve tasks at a strategic, tactical, and expert level

Humain is a consultancy business working with recruitment, outplacement, and counselling

We believe ...

that people make a difference – enthusiastic people create better results. We have dedicated ourselves to selecting and developing people who make a difference. We have the professional know-how and perseverance required to go the full distance. When collaborating with Humain, you will experience discretion, quality, and presence.

Confidential counsellor ...

We are your confidential counsellor who, through open and honest dialogue, will take a constructive and goal-oriented approach to your actual situation.

Focusing on opportunities and threats, we are the counsellors able to support a decision process at management and executive level.

We are often used as informal counsellors when management and organisational issues need to be solved.

As a customer/candidate ...

Our graphic mode of expression

The road network ...
can be viewed at more levels than one. From a distance, it indicates our clear overview. Close up, it shows our commitment to our customers and candidates, they move – and meet somewhere along the road network.
The railway ...
illustrates the situation of the employee who has been terminated. A new destination may lie ahead further along the track – or new opportunities may emerge in a different direction.
The handshake ...
illustrates a confidential space suited to creating development and change. Moreover, it embodies confidentiality, presence, empathy, and serves as evidence that change/development is actually taking place.
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