Outplacement creates results

A process clarifying direction and providing perspective


After a dismissal, it is necessary to change tracks – with an opportunity to take a fresh look at one’s career.

Our solid recruitment experience is a good foundation for individual counselling – and for getting results fast. 

A dismissal has untold consequences for the employees affected. With an outplacement programme, the business will help employees on their way to new careers – and new destinations.

An outplacement programme may help generate a calm and respectful atmosphere in relation to both the terminated employee(s) and the remaining colleagues.

Executive programmes

Our executive programme is directed at managers at a high tactical level, functional executive directors and CEOs.

The programme is adapted to each individual and his/her situation. Close and frequent counselling and dialogue with the terminated manager is the hallmark of this programme. An executive outplacement programme will run until the manager has landed a new position – within an agreed framework.

Individual programmes

Often, it will be a good investment to offer a terminated key member of staff an individual, tailor-made programme where content and extent will vary.

The concept provides an opportunity for individual counselling adapted to individual needs. Individual programme are specifically directed at middle managers, experts, and generalists at a tactical and operational level.

Through focused communication and a respect for the situation of each staff member, we will find the solution that will take him/her up the next rung of the career ladder.

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