Counselling and coaching

Focusing on opportunities, unexploited potential, and competences

Individual programs

Based on actual needs, we design a programme lasting five sessions as a minimum.

Via confidential dialogues, we identify unexploited potential and competences and convert them into concrete action – starting a development process and generating results.

At the end of the programme, we discuss the changes that have occurred and identify new relevant focus areas to work on.

Individual programmes could e.g. be management counselling, career development, and stress prevention. 

Group programmes

A group programme is usually based on an individual introductory dialogue with each group participant. We do this to be able to identify individual as well as group potential.

Following this, we typically conduct 1-2 seances with the team, setting common goals and generating motivation for the next phase.

As a follow-up to these activities, we also conduct individual dialogues with everyone in the team.

We conduct group programmes for management teams and other teams.

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